Dont ask me the same questions again and again!


Photo by Simon Pais-Thomas

Due to the fact that I will soon be moving to Australia, in the last few days I have been conducting many conversations with different service providers (Phone, Cellular, Cable etc.). All the conversations sound about the same. When I finally reach a human voice, I explain that I want to disconnect from the service. They ask me why. I say I will be leaving the country. Then they transfer my call to a different department dealing with costumer relations. A different representative at that department asks me the same questions (including identification questions). It is very frustrating.

Today I asked one of the women I talked with why I was being asked the same question by three different people in a matter of five minutes. She was really offended. “I don’t know what other people asked you”. And I ask myself – why not? Every piece of information about me is loaded into a computer (I reckon some kind of CRM system). When they check the computer, they can see when I talked to their service and what I requested. So why doesn’t she know what other people asked me. Why when I am transferred to her (the man who transferred my call did not tell me that it is what he was doing. i suddenly start talking to someone else) my information doesn’t appear on her screen automatically? Why do they make me answer the same questions three times in a matter of five minutes? Is it really that hard to be nice to the client even if he is leaving you? Don’t you want to at least leave an opportunity for him to come back? I understand the need to create a few levels that the customer needs to go through in order to disconnect, because the company wants to try and keep the costumer. But why do they have to abuse the client along the way?


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