Connecting Ideas

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Seth Godin writes in his blog today about the problems of selling ideas. His claim, In short, is that selling ideas is a different skill than coming up with them. Most importantly, as he puts it:

The quality of ideas is not a factor in whether or not you will be in a position to have a chance to sell those ideas

Seth advice to those who are not able to sell their ideas is to blog abut them so they can have bragging rights later.

That made me think, in our age, of conceptual economy, where everything is free and we need to look for ways to sell things that are free, shouldn’t  there be people who are proficient  idea sellers? It is just a “comparative advantage” thinking or a “partnership thinking” or a “strengths” thinking.

If I have the idea but don’t know how to sell it, I do need to find someone to sell it for me. Someone who, like Godin puts it: “invest heavily in the skills and status to do that”.

If there are so many ideas out there looking to be connected, should there be a market for it?



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