Different Perspectives

In this blog I write a lot about strengths thinking. You know, as the name of the blog suggests, and as I write in my e-book, that I a firm believer in the concept of using your comparative advantage. These are things I think about a lot and try to locate in different situations and aspects of my life.

What you can’t learn from reading this blog is that I am an enthusiastic epic fantasy reader. In almost any given time, I am in the middle of some epic fantasy book (usually a trilogy, that’s how they come in this genre).

This is why I was so thrilled to find such an accurate description of the basic ideas of   comparative advantage and strengths thinking while reading Brent weeks’ “The Way of Shadows“. Just read this bit from the book. I think any additional explanation is redundant:

“Take it this way: some people can add long lists of numbers in their heads, right? And some can speak a dozen languages. To do that, they have to be smart, right?”


“But just because you can learn to add lists of numbers doesn’t mean you will. But a woman who handles account books and has a gift for numbers can. Or a diplomat might have a gift for languages, but if he never learns another one, he’ll still only know one.”

Kylar nodded.

“The woman with the head for numbers could probably learn another language if she worked hard enough, but she’ll never be fluent in a dozen, and the man will never be able to add columns of numbers mentally. Do you see where this is going?”

Kylar thought, and Master Blint waited. “We know that I’m Talented but no how much, so you can’t tell what I’ll be able to do.”


Just Wow!


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