Do you treat you employees like kings?


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Sometimes, inspiration comes from the strangest of places. I am, among other things, a keen reader of epic fantasy. These days I am reading the wonderful book two of “The First Law” Trilogy by Joe Ahercrombie, called: “Before they are hanged“.

Here is a quote that is becoming of current days:

Anyone can face ease and success with confidence. It is the way we face trouble and misfortune that defines us. Self-pity goes with selfishness, and there is nothing more to be deplored in a leader than that. Selfishness belongs to children, and to halfwits. A great leader puts others before himself. You would be surprised how acting so makes it easier to bear one’s own troubles. In order to act like a king, one need only treat everyone else like one.

As usual, I think this confuses managers with leaders, because they have different roles. I think you should change to word leader in the quote to manager and then you will have a great manager‘s quote. But the questions remains notwithstanding: do you treat you employees like kings?



4 Responses to “Do you treat you employees like kings?”

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  3. Hinda Incentives Says:

    I agree, to earn respect and authority you should start with doing it for other people. Unselfishness is always a good policy, whether managing or just living life. Thanks for sharing this post with me!

  4. sherfelad Says:

    Happy to Hinda,
    I wrote this one a long time ago and your post reminded me of this lesson… We sometime forget simple truths and need others to remind us of them… thank you for reminding me!
    Hope to have many more ping pong posts with you!

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