A good reminder


Photo by kkimpel

I have been working on a very complicated presentation that I am planning to give to my AGSM MBA cohort. I already put many hours in preparing it and thinking about it and I felt I had it almost fully prepared. But, I felt something was missing. So, I posted on my blog (not this, the other one), and asked my readers for some help.

I was astounded by the amount of responses I got (as comments on the post, to my e-mail and in Facebook). But one of the responses really took me off guard. A good friend of mine wrote that the most important thing I should do is tell a personal story. So simple, so true.

I thought to myself – how come I haven’t thought about it? I read blogs about presentations all the time. They talk about the importance of stories constantly. I help people with presentations.  This would probably have been my first advice to anyone. But I didn’t think about it.

Three conclusions from this story:

  1. It is always a good idea to try and learn. Even if you think you know everything already. Even if you are the expert. Sometimes you just need the reminder. Sometime it something that is so clear and obvious to you, that you just forget about it.
  2. The power of social networks, even one as small as mine, should not be ignored. It is so easy to ask for help today, we just don’t use it enough. Use it. Throw a cry for help out there. Let’s see what happens.
  3. If you are going to prepare a presentation, no matter in what forum and on what subject, putting a personal story is a good idea. If you have no personal story, just use a story.


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