Shorts: The Nametag Guy (@nametagscott) on Commitment

Watch this short presentation by The Nametag Guy. Here is a quote:

It is about commitment. And more importantly, it is about visually, daily, remind people of that commitment. See, people, customers, fans, they are not going to give you credit for what they hear you say. They are going to give you credit for what they see you do

In other words: Show, don’t tell.

Here is what I wrote, not a while back:

The more practical thing I was thinking about is the importance of leadership on the creation of culture. There is a wide agreement among researchers that leaders are the main agents of change. And new leaders have the most prominent effect on the organizational culture. The problem I think most of us face while dealing with leaders and their attempt to change culture is hypocrisy. Leaders who say one thing and do another. I think the most frustrating thing people encounter. Sometimes the hypocrisy is intentional, sometimes is just a matter of bad practices. If it is intentional, well, there is a bigger problem. If it is not intentional, I think many times it is a matter of disconnection with the reality of the organization and the people who operate it. The leaders don’t know what is really happening. That is why I think one of the most important process leaders should adopt is MBWA – management by walking around. Go to your people, walk around them, talk to them, be the costumer, deal with a costumer, see where the people are sitting or working … If you consider yourself a leader, this is as much a part of your job as sitting in your office. It is more than that – it is something you need to put into your schedule. How many leaders you know have “walking around” in their schedule?



2 Responses to “Shorts: The Nametag Guy (@nametagscott) on Commitment”

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  2. Me Says:

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

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