Saying goodbye to the mechanisms of control

Photo by Daquella Manera

Today, I was watching this presentation, that Adam Singer made out of famous bloggers quotes, and found a quote from a post by David Armano titled Passion vs. Productive:

There are actually few organizations that can support passionate employees—even if they say they want them. That’s because the original industrial revolution was designed to support productivity … Managers want passionate employees, but don’t always know how to manage them. Passionate employees question things, probe and push. Who’s got the time to deal with that?  Productive employees get things done. No questions asked.

This is a great explanation of how many of the common practices of management got developed. In yesterdays world of management, which was focused around production, the main focus was productivity of homogeneous products.  In order to increase the production of homogonoues products or make your employees do one thing and do it well, you create strict rules. You don’t let each employee find his own way or experiment with new innovative ways to create things . You don’t allow your employees to follow thier passion. You Taylorise thier world. Thus, many of the common practices of management are mechanism of control to deal with the heterogeneity of employees and to subdue it. That is why yesterdays mangers used so many rules. They are shackles, prisons, to deal with the heterogeneity . In order to shape employees into a recurring homogeneous molds.

Today’s world is about embracing and reveling in the heterogeneity of employees. It is about letting go of the mechanisms of control. It is about not making any rules any more. It is about letting employees follow thier passions. Giving them Authourty. Letting them develop their own Mastery. Giving them a sense of Purpose.

In order to do that we need to rejoice in the ability to lose control. To rip off the chains of misconception about management that were developed in the world of production and our let go of our fear of the unknown. To change our conventional wisdoms about what management really entails. To celebrate the diversity of human talent.


2 Responses to “Saying goodbye to the mechanisms of control”

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