Shorts: OI Partners – Action Management Corp. on 5 reasons promotions can fail

According to the Detroit News Joyce Blazen of OI Partners — Action Management Corp. cites these reasons why promoted workers fail:

• They don’t know how to progress from being individual performers to managing others, and haven’t acquired the leadership skills they need.

• They’re unsure of exactly what their bosses expect them to accomplish. They are unclear about their two or three most important goals for the job.

• They don’t achieve results within an acceptable time frame, or don’t even realize what the deadline is.

• They lack skills to manage others. They may be first-time managers, or have never had their leadership capabilities assessed.

• They’re unable to motivate others and keep them engaged in their jobs, and don’t reach out to people.

All things I have written about before like setting clear expectations and people’s tendency to want a promotion even though they don’t have the right talents and skills to be great managers.  However, I have two questions:

  1. What is the difference between the first, the fourth and fifth points? Management is about helping people excel, keeping them engaged by leveraging their strengths and motivating them… it is different than managing individually and there are certain types of people who have better inherent talents and strengths to do that.
  2. How long will we continue to confuse management and leadership??? managers don’t need more leadership skills, they need more management skills!



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