Shorts: Avnet’s Roy Vallee on motivating employees

Roy Valle, CEO of Avent, said in an interview to Knowledge@W.P. Carey the following things:

What I figured out was that it wasn’t my job to install a fire in their belly, so to speak. In fact, most of them already had that fire in the belly. What they needed from me was two things: one, clarity of the work that I wanted them to do, or what it is I wanted them to accomplish; and two, they wanted me to remove the obstacles that were beyond their personal control. So if there were issues in other parts of the company that needed attention by management, that had to be my job. Their job was to achieve the things that I had specifically asked them to go do. I found that that little simple two-step process works pretty well.

I have to admit that it is nice to see that things I write about in this blog being said by people with almost 40 years of successful management experience:

  1. One of the main jobs – and challenges – of great managers is to communicate these things to his/her employees.
  2. Taking the hurdles of employees out of the way.

Enough said!

Hat tip: Globoforce blog.


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