Greater than yourself


The greatest leaders are the ones who never call attention to their own greatness. They are the ones who focus their energies on making other people greater than themselves. It sounds like a paradox but it is really not.

I agree with the point (even if not with the use of the golden rule). I think it is another example of the obliquity of management. The indirect approach, focusing on something else than your actual goal, is sometimes the best way to reach that goal. Just a few days ago I wrote:

I just want to point out that in the case of managers that deal with people, their success lies in exactly the opposite situation. A great manager is one that helps his people succeed. By definition, a great manager is only a great manager because of someone else

Steve Farber says in the video to find one person to make greater than yourself. I say, if you are a manager, your role is to take every employee and make him perform the best he or she can. Better than yourself and better than himself or herself. Challenge them to be at their best.


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