Authenticity, Passion and Presentations


I was attending a webinar held by Ethos3 Communications today which was given by Scott Schwertly and titled: “Presenting Yourself, Your Business and Your Cause in 15 Minutes or Less”. I have been following Scott and Ethos3 work for a while now, so while I did not learn anything new, I enjoyed reinforcing some of the great principles they use to make amazing presentations for their clients. I especially like the unparalleled use of the concept and power of stories as the backbone of great presentations.

One thing Scott said in the seminar especially resonated with me:

“Presenting yourself is about finding your authentic voice”

I feel this statement is true in many levels. The most interesting of them is demonstrated in this quote from the book Elantris by Brandon Sanderson that I am currently reading:

He disobeyed all the rules of public speaking. He didn’t vary the loudness of his voice, nor did he look members of the audience in the eyes. He didn’t maintain a stately, upright posture to appear in control; instead he hopped across the podium energetically, gesturing wildly. His face was covered with sweat; his eyes were wide and hunting.

And they listened.

They listened more acutely than they to Hrathen. They followed Dilaf’s insane jumps with their eyes, transfixed by his very unorthodox motion… Dilaf’s passion worked like a catalyst, like a mold that spread uncontrollably once it found a dank place to grow. Soon the entire audience shared in his loathing, and they screamed along with his denunciations.

A while ago I encountered this retweet:

The public speaking biz is about risk aversion. Conference folks don’t want screw ups. Speakers need to deliver consistency!

And this was my reply:

Maybe public speaking biz is about risk aversion. But when you go in and break all the rules, they love it!

I believe in passion. I believe in both respecting and breaking the rules. More than everything I believe you need to be authentic. True to yourself . To the fire in your soul. To your audience. To your message. The rest is just props.



5 Responses to “Authenticity, Passion and Presentations”

  1. Philam Osi Says:

    I also have a positive feeling about Scott’s statement said “Presenting yourself is about finding your authentic voice”.
    Yeah, this is really great. thanks Sherfelad for sharing this. Good you because you were able to attend the webinar.

  2. sherfelad Says:

    Your welcome… Yes, I was lucky. These things are one of the reasons I am happy to spend my last MBA semester in New York… I am in the same time as all the things that are happening!
    Happy to see your comment on my blog again…

  3. Philam Osi Says:

    Cool, you were able to respond quickly to my comment.

    Thank you so much, Elad!

    Happy to be here.


  4. Travis Robertson Says:


    First, thanks so much for the shout out to Ethos3! We really appreciate your support for what we do.

    Second, you nailed it when you said to “break all the rules” and they’ll love you for it! You’re absolutely correct. People are tired of the same old presentations and want fresh presenters, fresh ideas and fresh delivery. If you give that to people, they’ll remember you.

    People don’t remember “safe” or “risk averse” – they remember the guy or gal who puts their heart and soul on the line and is willing to risk bombing out – but who rarely ever does. People respect and love risk-takers – especially in a presentation.

    If I or Ethos3 can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Travis Robertson

  5. sherfelad Says:

    Thank you and you are most welcome. I will always give a shout out to someone who does a great job and does authentically (!)…
    I hope our paths will cross again in the future!

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