Who is your nudge?

Photo by lu_lu


Imagine you want to start working out. We’ve all been there, right? You set up a schedule, you set rewards and plan it in ways that will be comfortable for you (or not – whatever helps). You even pay an advance payment for six months in hope that the sunk costs will make you want to “make the most out of the money”. All valid methods. But there is one more method that might prove to be even more effective. Get somebody to call you weekly and check up on you:

After 12 months, participants receiving calls from a live person were exercising, as a mean, about 178 minutes a week, above government recommendations for 150 minutes a week. That represented a 78% jump from about 100 minutes a week at the start of the study. Exercise levels for the group receiving computerized calls doubled to 157 minutes a week. A control group of participants, who received no phone calls, exercised 118 minutes a week, up 28% from the study’s start. “When you knew you were going to have to report back on what you had done, it motivated you,” says Ms. Lowe.

Hat tip: Nudge blog and The Wall Street Journal

Now, lets assume that instead of working out, you decide that you want to have more, better, meaningful conversations with your employees or team. What can you do to make sure you will do that? Who do you report to?

Who is your nudge?


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