Are you as blind to your relationships as companies are blind to their levels of customer service?

Photo by Patrick Hoesly


Bruce Temkin from Customer Experience Matters writes about the disparity between workers beliefs that their companies delight customers and the costumers’ real perceptions. Here is a short excerpt:

Interestingly, respondents gave their companies the highest marks in customer service. In research that I completed earlier this year at Forrester, I found that consumers rated customer service the least satisfying interaction. So, there’s clearly a mismatch between companies and their customers in that area.

I find this amazing. People who deal with these issues every day, who work with customers every day, are so blind to what these same costumers really think about them.

And the question is – are you blind to what other people think of you? If I ask you to predict what you employees/teammates/peers will say about you and then go out and ask them how similar will the results be? Can you be confident about the results?

Maybe it’s time you stop assuming and guessing and start asking.


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