See me, I am here

Photo by EmilyGrace Photography


Susan Scott writes in Fierce Leadership about an African greeting:

I’m reminded of the African greeting sawu bona, which means, “I see you.” The response is sikhona, which means “I am here.” The order is important. It’s as if until you see me, I don’t exist. Raking your eyes quickly over someone’s face is not seeing them. So if you want to see your customers, really look at them. What takes mere seconds can make people want to return again and again.

An interesting concept that is not only relevant to customer service but generally to dealing with people. Yes, you are looking at your peers, employees, partners or teammates every day. But do you actually see them? Do you actually acknowledge how each of them is different? Special? Unique? Do you actually make them feel like they exist?

And the ball goes the other way around. When people look at you, do they see you? How do you make sure they do? How different, special and unique are you?


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