Changing perspectives

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I was reading an interesting article on about the attempts to find a replacement for GDP as the main measurement in macro economics. In it, I found this paragraph:

Advocates of a new way of thinking about the economy say focusing on Bhutan’s problems masks the deeper lessons to be learned from the underpinnings of GNH. “As a society, we have not taken the issue of time seriously at all,” said John de Graaf, founder of the Take Back Your Time movement to combat the societal “time famine” plaguing our 24/7 world: “Our focus has been on growing more, faster and faster. One of the sacrifices we’ve made on this hedonic treadmill is the sacrifice of time. Less time with each other, less time taking care of ourselves, our communities, our environmental health.”

It reminded me so much of my effectiveness vs. efficiency discussion and many discussions about long-term and short-term thinking I had here, that I had to quote it.

Our world, business, political and personal, needs to change its focus. No more myopic thinking concentrated on the more now. More thinking that looks at questions from a wider perspective and understands that most things in life are processes and not events. And this, like many other things, starts with how we measure things and what kind of measurements we put as the guides for our behavior.


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