Musings about teamwork inspired by @gapingvoid


I got the above cartoon as part of Hugh Macleod (@gapingvoid) daily newsletter (sign up for it here). This is what he wrote about it:

I got this line off of a generic “Teamwork” motivational poster. Then just to be my usual sardonic self, I added a bunch of oppressed, Stalinist worker slaves.

If this doesn’t get everybody “Soaring Like Eagles”, I don’t know what will…

I totally emphasize. In the last few weeks I am doing a lot of research work in the area of teamwork. It is surprising to find how much the academic and popular literature takes this kind of view towards teamwork.

The idea that someone “from above” will “direct” the individual accomplishments is not only outdated, it is insulting. It reminds of me of how serfs were treated in the old days.

Instead, we need to understand that teamwork, like passion, creativity and initiative (all the required ingredients for success in the today economy) are emergent properties. Teamwork is not about doing what the boss says. It is about Synergy. And Synergy cannot be commanded and controlled from above. It can only be emerge by an enabling atmosphere.




2 Responses to “Musings about teamwork inspired by @gapingvoid”

  1. Ali from Team Building Bonanza Says:

    I agree completely. Teamwork comes from the team itself … an effective leader can make a difference, removing roadblocks and obstacles and assisting team members understand how they contribute to broader goals … but in the end, individual team members working well together is at the heart of good teamwork.

    If your readers enjoy the cartoon you shared, they might also be interested in my review of online sources of teamwork cartoons. thanks, Alison.

  2. sherfelad Says:

    Hi Ali,
    Thank you so much for your comment and for the resources provided. I am sure my readers (as will I) will find it useful! Would love to hear your comments on future posts!

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