Let’s make common sense more common

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The great thing about blogs is that they allow interactions of ideas that were never before possible. Every time it happens here on my blog I am so excited about it and I feel like a contribution was made to the world. A few days ago, a reader of the blog name Anne wrote a comment on an old post of mine called “Did he notice me? On perceptions, noticing, management and education”:

The best manager I ever worked for did one thing regularly (each day). He addressed each employee (by name) at the end of their shift and thanked them for the days work.

Our shifts at the time were about 10-15 employees. It’s been 20 yrs since working with him and he still stands out!

It was such a simple uncomplicated exercise…

Anyone could do this… Yet he was the only one…

I was so excited to read this comment and especially the words Anne choose to use: “It’s been 20 yrs since working with him and he still stands out!”. It reminded me of another post I wrote just a few weeks ago called: “Are you standing out as a manager?” where I wrote:

… it is easy, even as a manager, to stand out. The bar out there is so low and there is so much mediocrity that just by being human, you can stand out. When is the last time you really connected with your team on the human level? Second, that it is so easy to spot and find the people who are really remarkable. They stand out just by being human beings. If somebody does not act like a human being and does not try to make the extra connection and instead acts like a cog, well…, than he deserves to be a cog somewhere else. He made himself replaceable, so, replace him. And if you act like a cog, don’t be surprised that it will happen to you too…

Anne, you are absolutely right. Standing out is so easy. It is just common sense, but as Voltaire said: “Common sense is not that common”. Maybe blogs like mine and readers like Anne will start to make it more common. I know I am trying my best.


4 Responses to “Let’s make common sense more common”

  1. Anne Says:

    I don’t go on-line everyday but when I do I like to read your posts… Glad I could add something beneficial. I totally agree on the low bar.
    It’s funny when I think about this guy because he was not perfect but that simple exercise each day had left such a positive impression that you could not help but to overlook imperfections on his part. It’s a beautiful thing….

  2. sherfelad Says:

    Thanks Anne. It is both an honor and a pleasure.

  3. Derek Irvine, Globoforce Says:

    Great post, Elad. To me, saying “thank you” and expressing gratitude is one of those “common sense” things. Unfortunately, there seems to be quite a contingent born without the common sense gene. To these, I think we continually work to show them the value of civility and appreciation — once they see how it can impact their bottom line, perhaps they’ll be willing to change their ways.

  4. sherfelad Says:

    Thanks Derek. I appreciate the comment.

    The stated goal of my blog is “to change the world of management, one post at a time”. I am guessing that in Globoforce you are trying to do the same one client at a time. All we need is patience. Will get everybody eventually.


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