My name is Elad Sherf and this is my Blog.

What will you find here?

“The Comparative Advantage” blog is dedicated to art and science of managing people. I believe that managing people is a difficult task that requires talent, skill and knowledge. There are many subjects the overlap and contribute to it. Management, leadership, presentation techniques, training & coaching programs, feedback and general business concepts. You can more about the philosophy behind the blog here.

If you are interested in any of the above subjects, this is the place for you. This blog will contain links, ideas, and above all my opinions regarding these subjects. I am inspired by things happening in my life and in the global economy. In addition, I am inspired by things other people write all around the web.

I am always looking for ideas regarding the aforementioned subjects. You are welcome to donate your own thoughts and ideas by commenting in the blog or writing to me: sherf.elad@gmail.com or by following me and tweeting about it on twitter.

Why did I call the blog “The Comparative Advantage”?

The blog is called: The Comparative Advantage because it is a term I think about a lot.

More than anything I think that too many managers do not really understand the challenges of management and how people behave. We know so much from modern physiology and behavioral economics, but still some managers act according to the ideas of Taylorism. As management of people is part art and part science, both knowledge and experience are vital for its practice. This blog will not give you the experience – you need to do that on your own – but I will write about the knowledge that will give you that needed edge in order to be a great manager that leads, inspires and helps people achieve excellence.

Using your comparative advantage is actually one of the five concepts I describe in my first E-book “Playing it to excellence and happiness in real Life – five concepts I learned by playing basketball, working and just living“. You can read more about it by pressing on the tab “playing it” or you can download it for free by pressing here.

Who Am I?

Well, that is not an easy question to answer. How does one define himself? Well, First, I will mention that I am an Israeli in my very early thirties. Second I will mention that I am a proficient instructor with extensive legal and business background. I also have some experience in team leading of diverse groups. If you want to know more about my CV, you can check out my linkedin profile.

Above all, I am a self proclaimed writer and blogger. I already mentioned my first E-book. I also have another blog where I post about my life, my adventures as an Israeli in an MBA program in Australia and New-York and various thoughts about subjects not mentioned in this blog. It is called: “The Other Side of the World” and you can find it here. It is in Hebrew. Don’t say I did not warn you.

I also write another blog called: The Secular Bible Blog, where I try to give my own personal secular interpretation of the bible as I read chapter after chapter. You can also find another E-book I wrote there called: Humanism, Liberalism, Education and the Bible – The Ravings of a Secular Israeli Jew.

Why am I writing this blog?

Well, above all, for me. I believe in the power of the written word. I believe it helps one to think and act according to his thoughts. This blog is the sound box for my thoughts. However, when I get your responses to my thoughts, it actually starts to get a lot more interesting!

After I am done with me, this blog is for, well, you. Yes. The reader. Don’t look so surprised. I really believe in sharing ideas and like to hear other people ideas. I thought you might also enjoy it.

Finally, I am trying to change the way people manage people, one post at a time.

More than anything else, I hope you enjoy reading my blog. If you do, please tell someone about it. Preferably me. Preferably by leaving a comment in the post. You can also tell your friends.

If you don’t like what you read – thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy yourself someplace else. There is a lot of interesting stuff to read on the internet.

Have Fun


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