Best posts on The Comparative Advantage for 2009 (and a little more)

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The best posts of 2009 (and the end of 2008)

This has been quite a year. A year and a quarter passed since I started writing this blog. My first post was on October 1st, 2008. However, because I did not do a “best of 2008” list, I will include the last quarter of 2008  in this post. In the last few days I have been going trough all my posts (more than 170 of them) ranking them, indexing them and choosing the best ones. So, here is the list of my 25 favorite blog posts for 2008-2009:

General thoughts (see more posts on this subject here):

Passion, Creativity and Personal Development (see more posts on this subject here):

Managing people:

Teamwork (see more posts on this subject here):

Communication/communicating with employees and teammates (see more posts on this subject here):

Feedback, Recognition, Noticing and Motivation (see more posts on this subject here):

Presentation & PowerPoint (see more posts on this subject here):

Business, Strategy and Decision making (see more posts on this subject here):

Marketing & Customer service (see more posts on this subject here):

Constant improvement

As I was going through all my posts during the last few days I was amazed to realize how much I learned, grew and improved. Actually, reading some of the earlier posts made me cringe, due to the style, the bad use of grammar and spelling mistakes (I left the original first post, just as a reminder of how badly I used to write). I guess i will continue to make mistakes, but less and less over time (one has to be optimistic).

However, I also saw my improvement over time. How my writing got better. How I started to focus. How I started writing things that  actually matter and I even dare say, are groundbreaking. I have been experiencing a growing readership to this blog all through the last year and the upward trends is continuing. I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read, comment, tweet or e-mail me about the blog. There is no greater reward than the interaction with you and than being recommended by you. Thank you.

Three new additions to the blog:

1. My Philosophy page – this page represents some of the pillars of my thinking. Issues and concepts I constantly write about and deal with. I guess it will be updated from time to time, but I feel confident enough with this list to publish it and use it as a symbol to what The Comparative Advantage Blog is all about.

2. About page – If you would check out the about page, you will see I updated it (as I try to do that from time to time). However, one update, is especially important to me. An addition of one sentence explaining what I am trying to do with this blog: I am trying to change the way people manage people, one post at a time.

3. Index – The blog has tags and categories, but I have been looking for a way to make it more approachable and to create better lists according to the subjects I am writing about. I am still currently playing with it, but I am going to use the BagTheWeb website to create an index of the web site. This is the link to the main Bag, and in the above best posts  list, you will find links to lists of posts on every subject.

Happy New Year!